Stew in a bowl with big bites of beef tenderloin, red potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, peas, and broth with red-pepper buttered bread on the side

Quick and Easy Tenderloin Beef Stew

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This dish has all the components of a traditional long-cooked beef stew, but it’s lighter and brighter, and perfect for a cool spring evening.

Cliff Notes:
Cut meat and vegetables into bite-sized pieces; brown beef (in batches if necessary) and set aside; saute onions; brown vegetables; add broth and seasonings; cook until veggies are tender; stir in beef and serve.

Make It Your Own:
– Although tenderloin is delicious in this recipe, you can also use tri-tip, sirloin, or another tender cut
– Try different veggies – turnips, peppers, cauliflower …
– Change what meat you use – chicken thighs, pork loin, ground beef …
– Add rice or pasta

Simplify It:
– Use pre-cut or frozen vegetables

There are few dishes that warm the soul in the middle of a cold and dark winter like a big bowl of rich and thick beef stew. But as we creep towards spring, and the days are starting to get longer, buds are starting to appear on trees, and planning for the garden begins in earnest, I start wanting to spring-ify my winter menu – make it lighter and brighter. That’s when this quick and easy Tenderloin Beef Stew starts showing up on our dinner menu.

Inspired by Jacques P├ępin’s (one of my culinary idols) Instant Beef Tenderloin Stew in his Fast Food My Way cookbook, this dish has all the components of a traditional long-cooked beef stew, but it’s lighter and brighter. The tender bites of beef are still slightly pink in the middle, the carrots and peas still have a bit of a bite to them, and the broth is more of a light, savory glaze.

Start to finish, it will only take about an hour. Serve it with some crusty bread slathered with a red pepper compound butter, and then sit back and dream of all the warm spring days that lie just a few weeks ahead.

quick and easy tenderloin beef stew

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