Guinness Chocolate Wacky Cake with Irish Cream Frosting

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An ultra-chocolatey cake made with Guinness beer & topped with a fluffy Irish Cream Frosting. Incredibly Quick and Easy, and OH SO DELICIOUS! This will be the recipe you claim as the secret one, handed down from your great-grandmother!

The foundation of this amazingly easy cake is an old, depression-era recipe that results in an ultra moist and chocolately cake, despite using no eggs or dairy. Then, to make it our own and add an extra layer of flavor, we substitute boring water with the delicious, big flavor of Guinness beer! Finally, to pair beautifully with the deep Guinness flavor, we’ll top it off (pun intended) with an Irish Cream frosting.

The beauty of this cake is how versatile it is … just a couple of you? Half the recipe. Want a layer cake … no problem, just divide it between two pans. Cupcakes? Easy peasy! I’ve even used it to make a three-tiered wedding cake!

I promise, once you make this cake, you’ll be tempted to claim it as an old family secret, handed down from your great grandmother. Go ahead … … I won’t tell!

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